Together we can stop FGM

Our ultimate aim is to protect the rights and the dignity of African women and children (in both Eastern African and the UK) by providing them with the education, the legal protection and the support they require to stand up and say no to the gender-based violence inflicted upon them. We conduct thorough research to ensure we respond to the issues at hand in the most culturally appropriate and helpful way, maximising the beneficial impact of DARF.

In Scotland:

Our goal is to work to support the move by Scottish Government on social inclusion:

  • Provides information and advice in relation to harmful traditions mainly faced by African and other Black ethnic minorities' women and girls such as FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and publish and distribute material for professional, community workers and the general public.
  • Carries out lobbying and campaigning initiatives in relation to forced marriages, FGM, integrating issues of HIV/AIDS; Share ideas and ways of helping each others Within the FGM/C practicing communities.
  • Conducts research studies into the knowledge, attitudes and practices of FGM/C practicing communities in Scotland.
  • Recruits volunteers.
  • We aim to initiate a young people's programmewhich aims to involve young people in the campaign against harmful, traditional practices, providing them with the support to act as agents of change within their communities.


In Eastern Africa:

DARF's African programmes are currently on hold. These would aim to safeguard the dignity and human rights of African women and young people by working in partnership with local organisations - support victims, create awareness on the impact of child marriage and FGM; advocates for remedial policies in countries where harmful traditional practices have a strongly negative or even fatal impact on the health of women and children.

Our African programmes would also aim to contribute in getting more girls into education to avoid being married off early. Educating girls about the consequences of child marriage and FGM/C

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