DARF is an international non-governmental organisation that works to uphold the dignity and human rights of African women, children and young people.  DARF is registered charitable company in Scotland, U.K . Charity No. SC039717; Company No. 335240

DARF was established in 2007 in Scotland in response to the harmful practices such as FGM and child/forced marriages in both the UK and in Africa. The charity works to bring about positive social change that will enhance the wellbeing and protect the dignity and rights of African women, children and young people in Eastern Africa and the UK.  The founder member Dr Monica Magoke-Mhoja has conducted an ethnographic research in Tanzania (2003-2006) which revealed the severe impact of these practices.

In 2009 DARF has conducted a baseline survey into FGM; its effects, its cultural role and its prevalence in Edinburgh and Glasgow.  This survey has helped bring key issues and concerns to light and has provided an insight into the way in which the practice of FGM is perceived.

DARF strives to empower women and girls through education, providing them with the knowledge and understanding required to make informed decisions and challenge the gender based violence that is present in their communities.

Our Vision

Striving for a democratic and equitable society that upholds the dignity and respects the rights of African women, children and young people.

Our Mission

To influence positive change and development policies for safeguarding the dignity and rights of African women and young people through research, advocacy, rights-based approaches and knowledge sharing with local, national and international organisations.

Our Main Objectives:

1. To promote human rights and empower children and women with particular reference to African girls and women in Eastern Africa, Scotland and the rest of the UK.
2. To promote dignity and eliminate gender discriminatory practices and relieve the suffering of African women and girls (including refugees and asylum seekers).

Our Values:

  • Commitment to advocate for needs and rights of marginalized women, young people and children.
  • Rights-based programming approaches.
  • Integrity and respect for others.
  • Forging strategic partnerships.
  • Accountability and transparency.
  • Teamwork and Voluntarism spirit.
  • Institutional independence & professionalism.

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