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DARF is the only organisation focusing on eliminating FGM in Scotland.

One of DARF's main functions is to provide training, information and support in relation to Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting and child/forced marriges to women and girls affected by or at risk of FGM. Equally, we provide training and advice to professionals and the general public at large. Our support includes provision of counselling and referrals for specialist health services, information, materials, training and overall help and advice in relation to the various issues associated with FGM in Scotland.

Currently we are focusing on creating awareness on FGM in Scotland.  We have tailored training such as FGM and Islam; FGM and Child Protection; FGM and Human Rights.

We have innovative activities for young people such as story telling on child marriage and FGM.

We have specific information for the FGM practising communities and other stakeholders in Scotland such as the booklet on the Baseline Survey in Glasgow and Edinburgh on the Beliefs, views and experiences of FGM as well as a wide variety of documents and articles and useful links to other organisations working on these issues.


In Scotland, DARF has been at the forefront of training professionals and voluntary and community organisations on various issues such as cultural competence and FGM as well as the Prohibition of FGM (Scotland) Act, 2005 and on the issue of FGM and Child Protection. Based on the premise that professionals and community groups must play an important role in the campaign against Female Genital Mutilation, and in the provision of good quality services and support for women that have undergone FGM, DARF offers a range of FGM training sessions. DARF continues to deliver this training to professionals from the statutory sector - including health, education, social services and the police, as well as to organisations from FGM practicing communities, and to the voluntary sector at large.

DARF's training sessions are developed and tailored to the specific training needs of the participating individuals and organisations, and reflect the issues, needs and concerns that they have.

DARF's basic training programmes can cover the following:

  • Historical issues on FGM - what is FGM, types and prevalence globally
  • The socio-cultural context of FGM, including FGM and religion matters i.e. Islam
  • The health and social consequences of FGM, and warning signs.
  • The Prohibition of FGM (Scotland) Act, 2005 and Policies
  • Child Protection and the roles and responsibilities of professionals in respect to FGM
  • Human rights and FGM i.e. international instruments and soft laws such as the Millenium Development Goals
  • Racism and FGM

Get help or advice about FGM/C

NSPCC anonymous FGM Helpline if you're worried that a child has had, or is at risk of FGM

Various links for help around Scotland

Shakti Women's Aid in Edinburgh

Saheliya in Edinburgh

Scottish Refugee Council

Hemat Gryffe Women's Aid in Glasgow

Women's Support Project in Glasgow

Women's Aid


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